I randomly fell into modeling about 10 years ago and it quickly became my fulltime job. It opened me up to traveling the world, living abroad, and experiencing things that I never could have seen otherwise. Many of the experiences were difficult, but they provided knowledge in a way that was priceless for me- living and learning, trial and error.. finally something that I could relate to- I was never great in school or engaging in text books.

Every opportunity and experience that has come from my Modeling career has in one way or another been a blessing, and I'm beyond grateful for that.
With that being said, modeling is not as easy and forgiving as most people would expect it to be. It can be ruthless- it challenges every part of your core and soul.

Being an extremely sensitive person, you can imagine how quickly I became vulnerable and experienced some of the lowest moments of my life- loneliness, anxiety, depression, self-hate, insecurity, fear, emptiness... I often asked myself "why am I doing this to myself?".
Why did I keep modeling for so long and am still to this day modeling full-time? I don't crave the attention, I don't seek fame and don't strive to be rich.

I suppose it's because through all of the darkness and self ridicule, there is still growth and there is still love.. there is still connection and community.

Cue epiphany—> since almost each one of my modeling jobs are with different people, I realized I was meeting an insane amount of people, many of whom are doing amazing and inspiring things. I started to really pay attention and made an effort to strike up deeper conversations which would often result in hearing people's amazing journeys and passion to make a difference- I was hooked and wanted more. I wanted more but couldn't figure out what more was.

At the time my blog was one of the most uninspiring things to me- it became empty and meaningless. Don't get me wrong I still love fashion and have fun with it and have now relaunched my blog to be more than just fashion, but at this time in my life, the clothes and photos of myself were like a bland piece of toast. I had this epiphany that I wanted to talk about other people.. people doing things that mattered and who were inspiring. I wanted to know them, support them, talk about them, bring awareness to them. I quickly started developing the idea of Soul Shapers and realized that it was meant to be a bigger thing than just a category on my fashion blog.

After a long period of struggling to start, here I am. Here I am with a real website, real product, and a group of real people who I look up to and love.

I hope that everyone looking for more or who just wants to be inspired, finds it here. I am with you and understand the craving and the wonder. I could not be more excited for this journey.. and I'm grateful that you are a part of it.