Pinner Test.. possibly the easiest, most accessible Food Intolerance Test available:

  • Can be ordered straight to your door
  • No assistance needed
  • Easy step-by-step directions to use the finger prick tool to get a small drop of blood (even comes with a bandaid!)
  • Comes with a free-return mailer already labeled and ready to ship your sample in
  • Results are emailed to you within 7-10 days!
  • Tests for kids are available

Many of us struggle with health and weight issues that can potentially be fixed by simply getting a food intolerance test.

From Pinner Test, What is Food Intolerance?

"Food intolerance can occur when your body cannot properly digest and convert the foods you eat into the necessary nutrients that fuel your system. This maldigestion causes inflammation, which can lead to many negative food intolerance related symptoms including fatigue, migraine & headaches, eczema, bloating, gas, congestion, weight gain, brain fog, joint aches, acid reflux, food cravings, diarrhea, skin rash and more.

If you experience any of the symptoms above and cannot explain why, it’s a possibility that you’re suffering from an unidentified food intolerance. The best way to identify these food intolerances is by taking a Pinnertest—a next generation blood test that can determine a client’s individual food intolerances.

 Although Pinnertest is not meant to act as a diagnostic tool, it can serve as wellness advice to alleviate negative food intolerance related symptoms.  While we do not prescribe any specific dietary plans after testing, eliminating the problem foods from your diet and replacing them with nutrient-dense alternatives is highly recommended."


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Soul Shapers is a huge fan of this test and highly recommends it, but please take into consideration that we are not doctors and do not personally supply any tests or results to tests.

And PS, we don't have incentive to share this product other than hoping it will help make a positive difference in your life :) 

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