Moon Spirit Mist

Moon Spirit Mist

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About the brand: 

Muse Bath Apothecary is a botanical wellness studio crafting bathing and beauty rituals to muse the soul. Muse Bath is inspired by the healing beauty found in nature and how our daily self-care rituals invite ceremony into our modern lives. Each Muse Bath collection is intentionally sourced with sustainably harvested botanicals, whole essential oils, and the finest quality of minerals from around the world.

Blue Sage + Lavender + Rose Vanilla

Moon Spirit is a handcrafted Muse Mist Ritual intentionally aligned with the cycles of the moon. The Moon Spirit blend is curated for inviting the flow of abundance, harmony, and prosperity into your life. It is balancing, rejuvenating, and absolutely delicious for the soul. Moonstone Crystal Meditation Recommended. 

Organic + Vegan // Chemical + Cruelty Free

Made in California